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How does it work?
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Step 3: 120 members from 20 countries (and growing) will instantly receive your prayer request via email on their mobile phones or computers.

Step 4:  Available members will reply within seconds to your request with a message of support. You'll see their messages in the "prayer support box" on the homepage.

Step 1: Click the "Submit Your Prayer" button on the homepage.

Step 5: Please wait on the site for at least 2 minutes to allow time for the replies to show up in the prayer support box.

Step 2: Fill out the prayer request form. Check the box saying "add to Recent Prayer Requests page" (we'll explain this later). Click submit.

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Prayer Harmony gives you the ability to join in LIVE prayer with others, right now - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply follow the directions below.

How does it work?
Step 6: If you wish to thank the member(s) for their prayer support, you can click the "respond to this message button".

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Step 7: Check the recent prayer request page in a few hours to see if other members hae responded to your prayer request. Some members may be away from their phone or computer but will reply later.