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HOW IT WORKS - Simply click on the "Submit Your Prayer" button to the left and an email will be sent out to every prayer group member (over 225 people from 28 countries). If one or more of the members are near a computer they will logon within 2 minutes to join you or they will recieve your request instantly via email and reply to you live in a matter of seconds. You'll see their personal response to your prayer in the "Live Prayer Support Messages" box instantly (lower left of page). While you're waiting for a prayer group member to show up, click on one of the buttons below and enter your name and location so we know you're still on the site waiting for our prayer team members.

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Over 120 Prayer Team members from over 21 countries around the world will receive your prayer request and those who are available will join you on this site LIVE, right now. You will see their personal messages to you in the box below. Typically member(s) will join you less than 2 minute after you submit your prayer request.